The Sopranos - Season 6


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The unique, mysterious mood and well-drawn characters make it worth to get carried away by this extraordinary story. In the United States The Sopranos - Season 6 became one of the most popular tv series of 2006. The Sopranos - Season 6 is known from being a mainstream popular tv show, but honestly it's a really entertaining tv series. The Sopranos - Season 6 filled me in a difficult way to explain me. I never expected anything from this tv series before and it blew my mind. The tv series is perfect and only idiot wouldn't watch it at least once in life. There is no better place in the internet for tv series than so I added full tv show here :).... Show more

North Jersey mob boss, Tony Soprano, self-described "waste management consultant," reluctantly seeks a psychiatrist's help after blacking out. Read he appear weak, he must keep his therapy a secret from the rest of the mob. He's stressed: his teenage daughter is giving his wife fits; his mean-spirited mother refuses to move to a retirement community; his aging Uncle Junior, jealous of Tony's rise to the top, won't stay in line and engineers a plot to kill Tony; and the feds, armed with RICO, are circling. In therapy, Tony must come to terms with his father's example, his mother's manipulations, and his own fears of death and loss of family.... Show more

Directors: David Chase
Countries: United States
Release: 2006-03-12
Duration: 44 min
IMDb Rating: 9.2
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