Four Lions


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I've seen this whole movie again this week and this movie is really amazing. Even if the viewer does not like Action type of movies, he/she will watch the whole movie and enjoy it. The film gave me a very strange feeling, deep inside me. Four Lions filled me with difficult to explain energy, got me so immersed in it. Nevertheless, I am very thankful for this optimistic aura, and I recommend the film with a clear conscience. Even in the biggest and best Hollywood productions, there is the element of commercialism, that is elements that are in the film only to win favor with the mass audience. Now sit up and watch, I'm 100% sure, you won't be disappointed.... Show more

In the British city, four men have a secret plan. Disappointed with the treatment of Muslims around the world, Omar is determined to become a soldier. This is the most exciting idea you have ever heard. It's better not to bother because Omar thinks for him. Unlike Omar and everyone else on earth, there is a white Islamic converted Barry. He would understand that he had joined the cell to conduct his nihilism - if he had half the knowledge of a duck. Faisal is a strange man. He can build a bomb - but he can't blow himself up now because his sick father "started eating a newspaper". Instead, he trains crows to fly bombs through the windows. This is what Omar has to do with. They have to hit a decisive blow on their own lawn, but can one of them strike without slapping their faces?... Show more

Release: 2010-05-07
Duration: 97 min
IMDb Rating: 7.3
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