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Definitely Fright Night is in my personal top ten of best movies ever. It is a pleasure for me to watch movie like Fright Night. The film gave me a very strange feeling, deep inside me. I'm big fan of both Action movies and especially Comedy from Craig Gillespie. The directing by Craig Gillespie was just magnificent. When a movie makes all of its scenes so influential that you don't want to pick your favorites, you know you're dealing with great production. Click on watch or download button to watch the movie.... Show more

This movie is the remake of the 1985 film and is about Charley Brewster who lives in the desert suburb on the outskirts of Las Vegas. His neighbor Jerry ('Colin Farrell') has his windows all blacked out which catches the attention of Charley friend and "geek" Ed who is sure that Jerry is a vampire. As time goes by some other friends and students of Charley's school start disappearing and Ed tells him that he is sure Jerry is behind it. Then when Ed doesn't turn up at school Charley checks it out for himself and breaks into Jerry's house, as a result he see's more than he bargains for and ends up with Jerry on his back. Charley ends up getting his family and friends involved in something they should have never been a part of. He has to get a self proclaimed vampire killer Peter Vincent ('David Tennant') to help him save him and his friends from an eternal damnation as vampires from being "turned" by Jerry.... Show more

Directors: Craig Gillespie
Countries: United States
Release: 2011-08-18
Duration: 106 min
IMDb Rating: 6.3
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