Peter Pan: The Quest for the Never Book


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The fact that Chandrasekaran films are not like the national average of cinematography in America is no longer surprising. Peter Pan: The Quest for the Never Book is by far the best online movie build up I've ever seen. The entire movie comes with remarkable message combined with perfect acting and rich in detail performance. Production also looks good from the music side. The director is insanely talented guy. I had the honor of watching the wonderful show from Chandrasekaran last time. Watch Peter Pan: The Quest for the Never Book online or download it to your computer.... Show more

The longest day of the year in Neverland has finally arrived. Festivities are being organized by the Red Skins and celebrations are underway. To get the best of the day filled with fun and folly, the traditional Pichipock games have been organized for the lost boys, Native Tribes, Peter, Tinker bell and the darling family. Tired of defeats, Captain Hook realizes that the longest day could turn in his favor, and comes up with a web of wicked plans to make Peter and his friends surrender. He decides to tamper with the dangers lurking in cursed swamps and the golden temple. From plotting to kidnap Princess Tiger Lilly, to snatching away the treasured egg of the Choombaas - From convincing the evil Synapse to join forces with him, to unleashing the dastardly door of nightmares. Hook has planned it all. Determined not to be defeated, hook seems to be one step ahead of Peter this time. So imagine, what would happen if Hook finally gets his hands on the book of Neverland and figure out a way to destroy the flying Peter Pan and Tinker? Will Peter and his friends be able to save Neverland from the united forces of evil, and fulfill the prophecy of the Neverbook?... Show more

Directors: Chandrasekaran
Release: 2018-06-22
Duration: 90 min
IMDb Rating: 4.9
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