A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby


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I've seen this whole movie again this week and this movie is really amazing. I watched many movies in my life, over 10k in total... It's probably the most known Family movie and it's really entertaining. Production also looks good from the music side. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby starts very innocently. I wasn't a fan of Romance flicks so it's fair to say I never thought I'd love A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. Now sit down and watch, I'm 100% sure, you won't be disappointed.

It's Christmastime in Aldovia, and a a royal baby is on the way. Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) are getting ready to take some time off to prepare for their first child's arrival, but first they have to host King Tai (Kevin Shen) and Queen Ming (Momo Yeung) of Penglia to renew a 600-year-old sacred truce. But when a snowstorm hits on Christmas Eve and the priceless treaty goes missing, peace is jeopardized and an ancient curse looms. Amber will have to figure out who the thief is before before the clock strikes midnight, for the safety of her family and the kingdom.... Show more

Directors: John Schultz
Release: 2019-12-05
Duration: 84 min
IMDb Rating: 5.3
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