Top Gear Africa Special, Part 1


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I would like to recommend to everyone the director's version, extended by more than twenty minutes, of additional scenes, which gives a fuller picture of the film and in an interesting way explains some issues completely omitted in the cinema release. Even if the viewer does not like Adventure type of movies, he/she will watch the whole movie and enjoy it. I sat for a long time after I ended watching Top Gear Africa Special, Part 1, reflecting on my life. I was afraid that knowledge of the plot would in some way take away the joy of watching, but it did not happen. I couldn't find any single bad thing in that movie. It is 100/100 and sets the standard for every other movie in this genre. All of the characters were played very good, but my favorite one in this movie is the main role actor. All I can do is invite you to watch this wonderful movie here online.... Show more

In the first part of the two-part Top Gear special offer, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are found on a simple mission to Africa - the ultimate source of the Nile. Over the years, many explorers have argued that they have already done so, but the Top Gear trio believes they can do better if they only drive with sand, ingenuity, and three aging wagons.

Release: 2013
Duration: 59 min
IMDb Rating: 9.2
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