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This is a masterpiece, The Housemaid is a timeless masterpiece... The Housemaid is by far the best online movie build up I've ever seen. I sat for a long time after I ended watching The Housemaid, reflecting on my life. The real power of this production is an acting game of actor and the rest, that's amazing. The action, special effects, characters and score are all perfect to me. Sang-soo Im's movies play on emotions and are able to move a more sensitive watcher. Now sit down and watch, I'm 100% sure, you won't be disappointed.... Show more

Mrs. Cho, the majordomo for wealthy young couple Goh Hoon and Goh Hae-ra, dislikes her job. She treats it in a cold, straightforward fashion, while slyly tries to take whatever advantage she can out of the Goh's lavish lifestyle. Because Hae-ra is pregnant with twins - which would be the Goh's second and third children - Mrs. Goh is tasked with hiring a housemaid whose duties largely would be to take care of the Goh's young daughter, Nami, help Hae-ra with the pregnancy, take care of the twins when born, and cook and serve meals. Mrs. Goh hires Lee Eun-yi, a young woman who works at a street food stall. After being ensconced in the job and the household, Eun-yi, who likes the job, succumbs to Hoon's sexual advances, the two who begin an affair directed solely by Hoon, and which results in Eun-yi getting pregnant. All the adult women of the house - Hae-ra, Hae-ra's mother, and Mrs. Goh - end up finding about the affair and the pregnancy. Each of the three has a slightly different reaction to the news, and what they believe they need to do to restore what was the on the surface family harmony. In turn, Hoon and more importantly Eun-yi, have their own responses to what is happening in the house.... Show more

Directors: Sang-soo Im
Countries: Korea
Release: 2010-05-13
Duration: 107 min
IMDb Rating: 6.4
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