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The fact that Robert Goodrich films are not like the national average of cinematography in America is no longer surprising. Ares 11 is by far the best online movie build up I've ever seen. It's probably the most known Drama movie and it's really entertaining. Robert Goodrich showed us the world on the screen from a different perspective. Nevertheless, I am very thankful for this optimistic aura, and I recommend the film with a clear conscience. The story can be interpreted in many ways, I think the Ares 11 is even too short. I just bought this movie on blu ray and decided to upload full movie Ares 11 here.... Show more

Four crew members of a military spacecraft are faced with an unfathomable dilemma after their ship is attacked, leaving them only enough air for two of them to return to base alive. In a fight for survival, each crew member must decide whether they are to accept their fate or betray their friends, as tensions rise and the air slowly leaks from the crippled spacecraft.

Directors: Robert Goodrich
Countries: United States
Release: 2016-08-15
Duration: 89 min
IMDb Rating: 4.1
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