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Miami Vice - Season 5 is one of the greatest tv series of 1988. In the United States Miami Vice - Season 5 became one of the most popular tv series of 1988. Miami Vice - Season 5 provides a great pleasure from watching it online. Miami Vice - Season 5 filled me in a difficult way to explain me. It's taken me multiple rewatches and a lot of hours on the wikipedia so I finally understood everything. I'm not true fan of Action, but I enjoyed it as I was!. Write in comment how much you liked it and what's your rate.... Show more

The Crockett detective with stubble lived on a sailboat guarded by his alligator Elvis. His partner Tubbs was a black New York cop who was looking for his brother's murderer. Together they took the drug world in Florida. The show influenced men's fashion in italo-casual style and Miami-style interior design. Very fashionable music and exceptional artists.

Countries: United States
Release: 1988-11-04
Duration: 48 min
IMDb Rating: 7.4
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